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Do you want a tool to make a thorough cleaning in your system files? Some apps like Onyx and iBoostUp have this options, but they can be complicated to use or not go as deep when it’s time to clean the trash.

The EaseUS Clean Genius offers a complete cleaning in very simple steps that anyone can make. When opening it for the first time, you can see how much free space you have in your hard drive, and the app shows how much space was freed after the cleaning. This number, of course, will be zero in the first time.

EaseUS CleanGenius Review

If you’re looking for a heavy cleaning tool for Mac, this is the definite alternative to be considered. While Onyx is too complicated to use and iBoostUp do not possess some cleaning categories, EaseUS Clean Genius is the simple and complete alternative. It is very intuitive and cleans the drive more thoroughly, eliminating files from the trash bin and from the download folder, something that iBoostUp do not do.

The EaseUS Clean Genius test was made soon after using iBoostUp and, even so, it found almost 60MB of useless files in the computer. Another advantage it’s the safety, since it asks for the computer owner’s password to make the operations, stopping another person from accidentally deleting your data.

If you’re already used to Onyx, there isn’t really any reason to abandon it, but you can always use both, since EaseUS Clean Genius shows how much space was freed. However, Onyx is much more complete when it comes to other tasks.

EaseUS CleanGenius Screenshot


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