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A lot of times, a system restore in windows do not work very well. A good alternative is to make backup of your main files, so you’re in no danger to lose a commemorative picture or a file with a year’s-worth of accounting.

EaseUS Disk Copy is a software that, among other things, does backup. Backup is necessary in order to not lose important documents if your hard drive fails or a virus deletes your computer content. With this software, your documents are duplicated and saved in another HD or removable (CD, DVD), so they stay immune to these threats.

The software is ideal to those who need to change an old HD for a new one, with more storage space. EASEUS Disk Copy simply copies all existing content in the hard drive and records it in the new one.

All your favorite softwares, including their configurations, stay the way they were. This way, you don’t need to reinstall everything. Besides that, a lot of softwares ask for long registry keys that you don’t even remember where you kept. Just clone the HD and everything will stay as it was.

EASEUS Disk Copy also recover your deleted files. “But how? I thought I deleted everything!”. Yes, you did, but the system didn’t. This happens because the system simply places a symbol in the beginning of the deleted file’s name, so it can ignore them and not show them to you.

The file is only delete for good when another one is recorded in it’s place. That means that even deleting you files, your computer will still keep them in the HD. When the HD gets full, the system starts to record new files over the deleted ones.

To use it, you need to burn it to a CD or a DVD using an ISO burning software. After that, restart your computer. Make sure that the OS starts from the driver containing the burnt CD/DVD.

When starting the system, three options will appear: “Start Disk Copy 2.3” (it starts the disk copying), “boot from hard disk” (it starts the system through the HD) and “reboot”. Choose the first option to start the software and make a copy of your HD. The second option will boot the OS normally, canceling the operation. The third one reboots the computer.

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EaseUS Disk Copy

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